Griffith University supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Welcome to the SDG Files

This is where you can share your achievements and actions for sustainability impact through your research, learning and teaching, projects, operations, partnerships, and more. We know that Griffith staff and students are doing great work in sustainability and this platform is the central portal for capturing this work, aligning it with the SDGs, and, most importantly, sharing your achievements with the wider community.

Why are the SDGs important for Griffith?

A commitment to sustainability has been a core Griffith value since its inception. This commitment honours a much longer and profound tradition of First Nations peoples’ knowledge and cultural responsibility of Caring for Country that forms the fundamental fabric of our sustainability framework. The UN Sustainable Development Goals help us define, assess and meet our current, urgent needs to ensure no one is left behind in a more sustainable future. The work we do now is the future.

If you are a Griffith student or staff member and you would like to contribute a story to the SDG Files, please

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